CDO Advisors

Predictive Analytics and Data Management

CDO Advisors is focused on helping businesses extract maximum value from their data assets. We have extensive experience in predictive analytics, enterprise roadmaps and executing strategies that enable better data utilization.  These include creating solutions for Data Mining, Text Analytics, Sentiment Analysis, Analytics,  Data Governance, Master Data Management, Dashboards and KPIs.

We offer a variety of services focused on transforming your business to:

  • Increase revenue
  • Decrease cost
  • Improve internal and external services

By leveraging your data to maximize it's value.  We can help you develop and lead initiatives to transform your company by using data driven decisions.  In addition, utilize predictive analytics and machine learning to deliver actionable insights and recommendations for enhancing products, retaining customers and maximizing revenues.

We are a Microsoft and RapidMiner partner.


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