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Uncover Data Quality Issues

Organizations continue to struggle with data quality in their applications.  Finding and cleaning core data elements can often be time consuming and difficult to organize.  Get started with data quality analysis in as little as 5 days and start improving your data. Business users need an easy way to see current issues in their data as well as make changes in source applications to see the impact of data corrections.  Business Analyst can create Power BI Data Quality Dashboards directly against source data to uncover data issues.

Clean up your data assets quickly and efficiently by having data quality Power BI dashboards and interactive reports.  If you are struggling with data issues or master data management.  Having a fully automated Power BI data quality report enables your team to clean and maintain critical business data.  Drive better decisions and empower your team.

Easily Spot Data Quality Issues

In this Power BI data quality dashboard for product sales, I built data grids and graphs that show sales by Product Type, Retailer Type and Product Line.  Power BI automatically groups the data on the content available in the data.  Below are examples of data issues that jumped out as I was building my dashboard.

Ready to get started improving your data quality?  Contact us about a Data Quick Start Solution focused on Power BI and Data Quality.  In 5 days we can show you how your data looks in Power BI to spot data quality issues and enhance your application data. Using dashboards allows you get Power BI data driven alerts delivered to your phone when thresholds are met or missed

Data Profiling to Improve Data Quality

One of the best ways to improve the impact of your business intelligence program is to improve data quality.  Data profiling will enable you to focus on your  BI data quality issues.  If you have not run data profiling against your data.  I recommend you start with your most critical data to see exactly what you are using to drive your business.  It may not be what you think.  Improve data quality power bi with data profiling to make better decisions and ensure accurate data.

What is Data Profiling?

Data profiling is the systematic process of investigating your data to understand what has been captured in your source systems.  There are many ways to query the data to view the results.  Using Power BI enables you to quickly review the data to spot issues on data elements such as:

  1. Data Completeness – Are there blank or null values in the data?
  2. Data Accuracy – Are the values what you expect to be stored in the column?
  3. Data Uniqueness – How many distinct values are there in the data?
  4. Data Patterns – Do you have a normal distribution of data or do you have outlier patterns?
  5. Data Ranges – What are the expected ranges of the data?  Do you have data that is an anomaly or outside expected results?

Discovery and Improve Quality in Weeks

See your data in Power BI to visualize Data Quality Issues

Step 1 – Free Assessment Call

Step 2 – Provide us the Data

Step 3 – We Build you a Data Quality Dashboard

Step 4 – Results of the dashboard are reviewed

Step 5 – Data Quality improvements with in your company

Power BI Samples

Everyone is struggling with data quality analysis on the critical data that has been entered into their systems. We can help you get a Power BI data quality report that enables you to see issues in your data and reporting.  Start making better data driven decisions by having high quality data.  Spot BI issues in your information assets with data quality Power BI reports and dashboards.  Set up alerts and monitor your performance over time.  Create feedback loops to send your data issues to the appropriate team daily to make data cleanup a manageable process.  Improve your business operations with Power BI data driven reports that enable actions from your team to make better decisions.


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Why Data Quality Matters

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See your data in Power BI to visualize Data Quality Issues

Step 1 – Free Assessment Call

Step 2 – Provide us the Data

Step 3 – We Build you a Data Quality Dashboard

Step 4 – Results of the dashboard are reviewed

Step 5 – Data Quality improvements with in your company

Spotting Data Quality Issues

Product Type – The data shows sales for Eye wear and Eyewear, Latern and Laterns, Sun Screen and Sunscreen, and Watch and Watches.

Retailer Type – The data shows sales for Warehouse Store and Whouse Store, Outdoor’s Shop and Outdoors Shop, and Department Store and Depart Store

Product Line – The data shows sales for Mountaineering Equipment and Mountaineering Equipment

Cleaning Up Data Quality

Users that see issues in the data through Power BI can clean up the data by creating a data feedback loop.  This loop could be users editing data in the source systems or working with IT do create processes to bulk clean up data.  Once the data is refreshed the dashboard will reflect the updates.  Data quality will improve over time by using the dashboards to make decisions.  Users will spot inaccuracies in the data such as the 2 categories of Eyewear and “Eye Wear”.

Power BI Data Quality Dashboard

Power BI Data Quality

Power BI for Data Quality FAQ


Why use Power BI for Data Quality?

Power BI can quickly let you see issues in your data. Group your data by areas and see the numeric values that make up the data in your system.

How to improve Data Quality in your Applications

For critical tables in your applications, connect Power BI and see issues in your application data. No coding is required, the base visualizations enable great insights into your data.

How to quickly spot data quality issues with Power BI?

Create a matrix or table visualization on a Power BI report to group the data. Then sort the data by the labels to quickly see similar spelling of values in your applications.

When to start using Power BI for Data Quality?

Today! You can start getting better insights into your data right away. By connecting Power BI to your data source, you can start seeing insights in less than 1 hour.

Can I create Power BI data driven reports?

Yes, you can create reports and dashboards that have alerts based on certain conditions that drive actions such as emails. These types of actions enable data driven reports and decisions.

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Why use a Data Quality Dashboard?

All organizations struggle with having clean data and preventing bad data from being entered.  Using a data quality dashboard allows you to quick spot data issues without having to write any lines of code.  Free your IT team from writing queries looking for the data issues.  Having a tool that can enable your business analyst to check and sport data quality issues is critical for all businesses.

The impact of bad data grows every day.  As more of your systems rely on upstream and downstream data to make automated decisions, having clean and accurate data is crucial.  Today you need to think of data as a raw material as well as a finished product.  Manufacturers would not let bad material get into their operations because it leads to poor production quality.  In today’s data driven business, you need to handle data in the same way.

According to a study by IBM in 2016, $3.1 trillion is the estimate of the yearly cost of poor quality data, in the US alone.

Start your data quality dashboard journey by focusing on your core data and implement small changes to prevent future bad data from entering the systems.

We can help you transform you data with out Power BI Data Quality Dashboard Quick Start.  In 10 Days you will be on your way to cleaner data.